What is this “Base” that I see referred to in each of the workouts?

Base is the amount of time that you get per 100 including rest. This workout will include a test set of 10 x 100 with 15 seconds rest between each one. Your base is your average time for all of the 100’s including the 15 seconds rest and then rounded up to the nearest 5 seconds. So if your average 100 split was 1:42, you take that and add 15 seconds to get 1:57 and round up to nearest 5 seconds to get a final base interval of 2:00.
Now when a workout calls for 10 x 100 on base, you have 2:00 to do the 100 and get your rest, you start the next 100 on 2:00.

What does “pull” mean?

Pull means that you should use the pull buoys and if you have them, hand paddles as well. This will allow you to concentrate more on the stroke by taking the kick out of the equation.

Should I use a kick board when kicking?

Whether you use a kickboard or not will dependĀ on what exactly you are working on with regard to your kick.
If you are just trying to work out your legs, then kicking with a board is fine.
But for most of us, when we are including kicking in a workout we are working on getting a streamlined kick and using it to improve our overall body position. Using a kick board is not necessarily a good idea if this is what you are working on since the board causes you to have a poor body position in relation to the body position you are trying to achieve when swimming.

If I am not using a kick board, how should I kick?

The proper way to kick when swimming is from the hip. A lot of swimmers kick like they are riding a bike, bending a lot at the knee and not from the hip. If you practice doing your kicking while on your back, this will really help learn to kick from the hip as it is a lot harder to kick from the knee while on your back. If kicking on your front, really concentrate on kicking with more of a straight leg and not as much bend in your knee.

Should I use “Zoomers” while kicking?

Yes, if you have them or a similar style of short fin you should use them. This will give you the advantage of also working on your ankle flexibility while you are kicking. be sure that whatever brand fin that you use, that they are a short fin, not regular diving fins.

What if I am short on time for my swim workout on a particular day, how should I shorten the workout?

If you are scheduled for the “A” workout and don’t have as much time, just drop down and do the “B” workout that day. If you still need to shorten the workout more then that, aim for getting as much of the main set in and less of the warm up and pull set.

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